Coast to coast

Well, after a wonderful 2+ week vacation with family and friends on the West Coast, we headed back to Toronto on the red eye Sunday night and arrived Monday morning around 6:30am. Somehow, we picked up our luggage and rental car, and drove home, where I showered and then made it to work by 8:45am!

From the sounds of things our timing couldn’t have been much better. Had our flight been even an hour or two later we could have run into some pretty terrible delays waiting to get off the plane and pick up bags. The airport sounds like it has been a complete mess for the last few days.

That’s not to say the whole travel experience was a breeze though. On the way there, we were supposed to fly from Toronto to Calgary and then from Calgary to Vancouver. Well, we ended up missing the connection in Calgary because there was a delay before we were able to get off the plane. We had to stay overnight in a hotel (but only for about four hours) before heading back to the airport to take a flight from Calgary to Vancouver and then from Vancouver to Victoria. Wouldn’t you know it we missed that connection too due to crew delays.  We weren’t able to be rebooked on the flight until the end of the day, so we ended up taking a ferry – the whole trip ended up taking over three times as long as it was scheduled too but I was still very grateful to have made it home and missed Toronto’s ice storm!

The last couple of days have been the coldest I have ever experienced. Depending on the source I heard that it was anywhere between -35 and -42 with the windchill yesterday. I am used to wet weather but definitely not cold! I am lucky that I found a great deal on a Columbia jacket back in the fall and it is keeping me quite warm but I am still jealous of all of the Canada Goose jackets I have seen out and about recently.

After a slow start to my activity goals due to still being on vacation I have gotten in two dance classes in the last two days – hip hop last night at the gym and ballet tonight at my studio. I’m back to ballet again tomorrow so I have a feeling I might be a little sore Friday – good opportunity for some yoga!

I had expected the gym to be packed yesterday but it wasn’t any busier than normal – some people speculated it was due to the weather but I”m also wondering if maybe the New Year crowd hasn’t gotten started yet. I’m curious – if you belong to a gym or do other fitness activities, did you notice a spike in attendance over the last week?


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